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As Italians, pasta is an important part of our diet.  Last night, my wife and I decided to make a pasta using one of our products, and let me tell you, it came out great! The best part was that it was super simple to make.  This is a great weeknight meal if you're short on time.  Here is the recipe for this Pasta with Artichoke cream and shrimp.


1/2 lb. short pasta 

2 cloves garlic whole

2 Tbsp Olive Oil

1 jar of L'Italia a Tavola's Marinated Artichoke

1/2 lb. salad shrimp

1/4 C. Grated Pecorino Romano

1/4 C. White wine

Salt and Pepper To Taste


In a pot, heat water to boiling and cook pasta according to directions on package.

In a pan, put 1 tbsp olive oil with the 2 cloves of garlic over medium heat.  Cook until flagrant (about 2 minutes).  Then add the marinated artichokes.  Cook for about 5 minutes.  Add salt, salt, pepper, and pecorino cheese.  

In the meantime, in a different pan, put the remaining 1 tbsp of olive and heat.  Add salad shrimp and cook through.  When almost cooked, add wine and continue cooking until liquid has dried up.  When shrimp are ready, add them to the artichoke sauce and mix until combined and all flavors have mixed together.  Add cooked pasta and top with more Pecorino Romano.  Finally, enjoy!


Feel free to post pictures if you try out this recipe and let us know what you think!

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