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About Us

Flavors of Italy right at your dinner table


L’Italia a Tavola translates literally to “Italy at your Table,” and our company’s mission is exactly that.  Travel to Italy in the comfort of your own home by tasting our authentic Italian products imported directly from Calabria, Italy. 


Calabria is a region in southern Italy known for high quality fruits and vegetables.  Our products are made of these high quality ingredients, providing you with the feeling that you are enjoying food that is made at home by Italian mothers and grandmothers.  These delicious and fresh foods conquer the taste buds of all.


Our jams and marmalades are prepared with fresh fruit without added pectin or chemical agents, allowing you to enjoy the taste in its pure simplicity.  Our appetizers are made with high quality vegetables and olive oil.  Delight in our selection of pates, which go great with a slice of Italian bread, breadsticks, or even pasta.


Our products are guaranteed to provide you with an experience where you can taste the traditions that have been a part of Italian families for generations. 

Buon Appetito!